306 E 30th Street

Invest in Real Estate · Attain Texas Residency · Save $25,000+/Year on Tuition Costs!


306 E 30th Street

  • Across the street from The University of Texas
  • Brand new construction
  • Efficient, space maximizing floor plans
  • For investors: Incredible demand from UT student renters
  • Unit mix consists of:
    • 28 Studio Units
    • 4 Two Bedroom Units
    • 2 One Bedroom Units

By Establishing a Domicile in Texas and Owning Real Estate, your student can pursue Texas Residency and save $25,000+/year on tuition costs alone!

We have helped over 1200 out-of-state students and their parents pursue in-state tuition at The University of Texas through Real Estate ownership.

The price point on these Condos are among the lowest in all of Austin, without having to sacrifice location and desirability.

Deadline for the Real Estate purchase is September 10, 2021; call us today for more information!


28 Studios @ $185,000
12 Available

One bedrooms @ $230,000
Sold Out!

Two bedrooms @ $275,000
3 Available

Brought to you by:
Nick Cochrane

  • Across the street from the University of Texas
  • Strong and consistent rental demand from UT Students
  • Simple, compact floor plans maximize value and space efficiency
  • Brand new construction
  • Lowest price point for any type of Condominium in Central Austin
  • Simple and easy management
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